Top accomplishments of Project Haiti over the years:

Started with life saving medical teams providing health and hope to the poor.

Evolved into teaching teams – helping Haiti's people to help their own.

Shipped an average of 10,000 lbs. of desperately needed supplies each year for 20 years

Built and maintain the Hope Christian Mission School, a free primary school near Pignon for 300 children.

Provided leadership in surgery, anesthesia, nursing, radiology, laboratory, telecommunications, building construction, and energy storage.

Provided emergency food and medicine relief to hospital during time of desperation during US embargo, after rebellion, following USAID cutbacks, following the hurricanes and after the earthquake of 2010.

Big Smile

Dr. Guy Theodore

A detailed list of the growing list of accomplishments

Pignon Construction

  • Built the hospital's first sanitary restroom facilities in 1991.
  • Built the second story of the hospital, doubling its original size.
  • Built the original laboratory, conference room and upstairs depot.
  • Built the ramp systems to access the upper floors of the hospital.
  • Battery/inverter energy storage project for nightly hospital power.
  • Built the Minnesota Dorm, complete with inverter, hot water, phone and wireless.
Hospital Pignon 1020

Medical team arriving at Hopital Bienfaisance to provide services and training in Pignon.

  • Relocation of 3 families to new homes to extend the airport runway.
  • Built the Pignon airport, complete with fence and terminal (Sponsored by the Brainerd Rotary Club, Tom Johnson, and Franciscan University students).
  • Built out the new Surgery Expansion, complete with 2 Stryker/Berchtold Endo-suites (sponsors: Fran and Clarence Holden, Arnie and JoAnn Johnson, Tim and Diane Madden, Nor-son Construction).
  • Built the new Radiology/Laboratory and Teleconference Education Center (Holden wing) supported by Stryker Endoscopy and Stryker Communications.
  • Established Endosopy department at Hopital Bienfaisance, with addition of new Olympus Video-Endoscopy unit in 2007 (Sponsor Tim and Diane Madden).
  • Established the septic drainage system for the hospital (Tom Johnson).
  • Built Haiti Mercy Mission orphanage facility, supporting over 50 orphan children (sponsors: Arnie and JoAnn Johnson, Paul and Theresa Severson).
Children 1020

Children from the orphanage.

  • Built and maintain the Hope Christian Mission School, a free primary school near Pignon, for 300 children.
  • Purchased land (Johnson's) for future education projects.
  • Donated several generators for the hospital complex (Fran Holden).
  • Donated numerous hospital vehicles (Fran & Clarence Holden, Dr. Chuck Benson).

Providing Healthcare

  • Provided services to over xxx patients.  (Can we quantity some of the accomplishments at the hospital?)
Team reviewing cases before surgery.

Team reviewing cases before surgery.


Surgery with Observers 1020

Patient care and training go hand in hand as part of Project Haiti.

Bringing Organizations Together

  • Recruited other professionals to help, giving birth to several active charitable organizations: Fargo team, Ohio team, Haiti Outreach, and Indianapolis team.
  • Recruited Interplast Plastic Surgery team for annual contributions, providing specialists in plastic surgery, pediatric cardiology and pediatric anesthesiology (Drs. David Fogarty, Claude Roge, and Stuart Neil).
  • Provided guidance in helping to establish Pignon's Rotary Club (Hanspeter Borgwarth).
  • Facilitated numerous Rotary projects involving Dormitory, Airport, Primary School and Happy Homes.
  • Guidance and initial funding for "Mother's Clubs" started in 1991.
  • Bringing major national surgical organizations (American College o Surgeons, Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, IVUmed) to Haiti to help rebuild the country's medical educational system.
  • Provided dental teams to support the mission.
  • Established the Arnie and JoAnn Johnson Carpentry School in Pignon through Hope Christian Mission.
  • Started the "Little Angels Project" in 2011, which provides free hospital care for all children from 0-5 years at Hopital Bienfaisance in Pignon.
Equipment Donation - Medium

Haitian urologists receiving much needed and appreciated donated equipment.



  • Introduced ultrasonography, taught first courses to Haitian doctors (Dr. Chuck Benson).
  • First overseas Comprehensive Advanced Life Support Course (UM's Dr. Ernie Ruiz).
  • First to teach Laparoscopic Surgery and host annual courses for Haitian surgeons (Drs. Paul Severson, Howard McCollister and Timothy Lemieur).
  • Countless young Haitians educated by Project Haiti volunteers, many in professional careers.
  • Provided education in modern laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for Haiti’s faculty and resident surgeons since 1995.

Training includes lectures and observations.


  • Dr. Henri Lanctin's first visit to Haiti with Dr. Severson - November, 2010.
  • Initial urological surgery week in Pignon - March, 2011.
  • Initial urological teaching workshop involving to urology residents from Port-au-Prince - November, 2011.
  • From November, 2011 to March, 2016 conducted ten urological workshops in Pignon with emphasis on vesico-vaginal fistula repair, male urethral reconstruction, and general urology.  (BPH, stones, scrotal surgery, and prostate cancer)  Have taught 31 gynecologists, urologists, residents, and medical students.
  • Partnership with IVUmed, an organization based in Salt Lake City whose motto is "Teach One, Reach Many" and which is committed to making quality urological care available worldwide.
  • Developed partnership with IVUmed reconstructive urlogists:  Dr. Joe Costa (Jacksonville, FL), Dr. Joe Babiarz (Wausau, WI), Dr. Frank Burks (Royal Oak, MI), and Dr. Dan Rosenstein (Loma Linda, CA).
  • Facilitated scholarships through Societie Internationale d'Urologie for fellowships in Trinidad and Senegal for young Haitian urologists and residents.
  • Donated cystoscopic and video equipment to Hopital de l'Universite d'Etat d'Haiti (HUEH, the main urology teaching program in Haiti) and implemented cystoscopy and TURP training program for residents.
  • Facilitated donation of additional urological equipment from a major equipment vendor through the American Urological Association.
  • Assisted in organization and implementation of the first two Haitian-American urological meetings in Petion-Ville, Haiti as well as formation of Haitian-International Urology Workgroup.
  • Partnered with AUA, IVUmed, and Dr. Angelo Gousse (Miami, FL) in the acquisition and donation of three ultrasound units to HUEH and the presentation of an AUA urological ultrasound course in November, 2015.
  • Organized meeting with Haitian urologists and gynecologists, IVUmed, United Nation representatives, and other interested parties to plan and initiate an ongoing study to determine the prevalence and incidence of vesico-vaginal fistula in Haiti.
  • Provision of ongoing training, support, equipment, and supplies to Haitian urologists throughout the country.
  • Ongoing teaching and assisting of radical prostatectomy with urologists in Port-au-Prince.