Returning to Hopital St. Francois de Sales

Dear Dr. Mondestin, Dr. Eustache, Msgrs. Chadic and Harris, Pere Roland,

Thank you for welcoming Dr. Andrew Loveitt and me back to Hopital Saint Francois de Sales, as we assisted Dr. Sylvio Augustin and your surgical team in performing laparoscopic surgery. Two patients from HUEH were able to receive the benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery on Tuesday, March 27 in your beautiful hospital. We applaud your vision, compassion and persistence in continuing the push toward laparoscopic surgery for the population.
Dr. Mondestin, it was a pleasure to meet you and review the laparoscopy donation from Project Haiti with you yesterday. I am forwarding the summary email after our first laparoscopy was performed at Hopital Saint Francois de Sales last year. Please review the Haiti Manifest so that you can see exactly the laparoscopic equipment that you now possess for your future. This will bring you up to date with the laparoscopy project. I will also forward the email chain after the donation last year for your own edification.
I am also taking notes on the existing inventory to identify future needs for disposable items and additional equipment.
In addition to providing basic laparoscopy equipment in the OR, Mike Evans from Project Haiti (the expert in telecommunications and videoconferencing) has also consulted here and reviewed the plans with IT and bio-technical. After you have completed your initial installation, we would like to connect the laparoscopic Operating Room with the classroom for teaching larger audiences, as we have been doing for many years at the Laparoscopic Training Center in Pignon.
Naturally, in order for your HSFS staff to become proficient in laparoscopic surgery, and for you to become a center of excellence, we encourage you to foster a growing relationship with our young talented general surgeon, Dr. Sylvio Jr. Augustin, that we have trained to perform safe laparoscopic surgery. It would be great to see collaborative relationships with other teaching institutions develop over the next few years.
Please do not hesitate to email me regarding any requests or consultation.
Warm regards,
Paul Severson, MD, FACS, FASMBS
President, Project Haiti, Inc.
Co-Director, Minnesota Insititute for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Director, Minnesota Reflux and Heartburn Center
Program Director, MIMIS Fellowship in Advanced GI MIS, Bariatric Surgery and Flexible Endoscopy
Clinical Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School

Pignon Surgery Report

Pignon Surgery Course


Team Report

March 16 – 28, 2018

Minimally Invasive Surgery Course

Hopital de Bienfaisance

Pignon, Haiti


Paul Severson, MD, FACS, Founder MIMIS

Andrew Loveitt, DO, Fellow MIMIS

Garald Jean-Louis, MD, GynEndo Haiti

Valerio Vital-Herne, MD, GynEndo Haiti

Sylvio Augustin, MD, HUEH

Mike Evans, Telecommunications Expert

Ron Vitales, Inanimate Skill Lab Director

Project Haiti Team:

Marlee Novak, Medical student, Team Coordinator, Skill Lab Assistant

Chad Riddle, Nurse Assistant

Joseph Vitales, Team Assistant


14 Surgeons, including 3 staff surgeons and 11 residents. 

Seven were General surgeons and seven were OB/Gyn physicians

HUEH had 3 general residents and 2 OB/Gyn residents

Le Paix had 1 staff general surgeon, 2 general residents, and 2 OB/Gyn residents

Chancerelle had 2 OB/Gyn residents

Pignon had 1 staff general surgeon and 1 staff OB/Gyn

Course sponsor: Project Haiti, Inc.  We acknowledge this course is made possible through the generous donations of Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Crosby, MN and Riverwood Healthcare Center, Aitkin, MN.

The Laparoscopy Course included lectures, inanimate skills laboratory, and live surgery over 4 days.

Monday, March 19 through Thursday, March 22

Lecture content included the history of surgical innovation and teaching at Hopital de Bienfaisance, history of laparoscopic surgery globally, safe and effective use of laparoscopic instrumentation, a variety of general and gynecological surgical procedure lectures utilizing minimally invasive techniques delivered by all members of the Haitian and American faculty, and 2 new SAGES lectures on the Fundamentals Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE), given in both French and English.  Flash drives containing all lecture materials were provided to each student.

New iPad-based trainers were implemented successfully in the Inanimate Skills Laboratory.  The SAGES Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) program was utilized as the basis for the lab.  An ultrasonic energy lab was also conducted, which provided hands-on experience for all students with this newer technology.  The annual Endo Olympics competition was held with spirited camaraderie among the participants.

Surgeries included 7 lap choles, 2 laparoscopic Toupet fundoplications, and 4 diagnostic laps with surgical intervention for infertility.  The last 2 lap choles were conducted with 100% Haitian staff, including Dr. Sylvio Augustin as the lead surgeon, 2 residents assisting, along with anesthesia and a surgical tech.  The last procedure was completed utilizing the ultrasonic energy device exclusively, marking a new first for the Haitian staff.

At the end of the week a rooftop graduation celebration was held at the Minnesota Dorm with a traditional Haitian feast and recognition for all participants and the esteemed Endo Olympic medal winners.  Dr. Guy Theodore was in attendance and provided closing remarks at the celebration.

Hopital Saint Francois de Sales – March 26 and 27, 2018

Dr. Paul Severson and Dr. Andrew Loveitt joined Dr. Sylvio Jr. Augustin and performed 3 laparoscopic cholecystectomies, utilizing the laparoscopic equipment donated to the hospital by Project Haiti in 2017. The cases were performed skillfully by Dr. Sylvio Augustin as the primary surgeon and we found the equipment well cared for and in excellent working condition. We were greeted by urologists Drs. Bernard Brutus and Youry Dreux, who were performing surgery for stone patients in the next room.

Hopital L’Universitaire La Paix – March 28, 2018

Dr. Paul Severson and Dr. Andrew Loveitt were invited to meet the residents and faculty at La Paix, and were picked up the Le Plaza and escorted by the Chief of Surgery Dr. Nesly Vastey to Hopital L’Universitaire La Paix. All the residents and some of the faculty gathered to meet us and after bilateral speeches, we evaluated the existing laparoscopic equipment and then toured the facility, including the operating rooms. There may be 2 surgeon champions at that residency program, one general surgeon that attended our course in Pignon, and also a pediatric surgeon with some prior laparoscopic experience in his fellowship. We made plans to invite both faculty and residents at our next course, and will consider developing another laparoscopic site there in the future.

Urethral Reconstruction Workshop

From Dr. Youry Dreux to Dr. Frank Burks and team following the recent urethral reconstruction workshop at Hopital St. Francois de Sales in Port-au-Prince:
On behalf of the attendees, I would like to thank each of you for making yourself available to come down in Haiti to help us out with our patients suffering with urethral stricture.
I would like to let you know how grateful and joyful we are because we spent this whole week with you guys and, as usual ,the ambiance was very good ,you were teaching us with patience ,enthusiasm ,wisdom and humility .
We do hope you will make it  safely back home and may the Lord keep protecting your family and preserving you life .
Once again thank you so much ,guys ,please feel free to come back any time  you will be always  welcome.

Surgery Week at the Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Fogarty has had a long relationship with Project Haiti and Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon. He has returned after a several year hiatus. Here is a brief summary of his week:
Dr. Guy and All,Just to inform you that we (the hospital) received today a donation of US $ 10,000.- from Dr Fogarty / Interplast West Virginia for the surgery week at the Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon.  Attached you will find a copy of the check.

They have seen patients in outpatient clinic on Saturday and during the week.  From Monday to Wednesday, the group performed 18 surgeries (plastic surgeries).

They have 8 cases scheduled for today.

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday 16, 2018) there will be teaching (lectures) for the medical staff. (see attached subjects list).

The group (Interplast West Virginia) willeave Pignon on Saturday (March 17, 2018) at 6:00AM .

They plan to come back to Pignon next year (March 08 – 16-, 2019).  They would like to see a lot of patients.  We will made appropriate arrangement in order to have more many patients for them next time as we know a year in advance.  Also we have been informed that some of the patients does not come because they do not have money to cover their travel fees (transportation, lodging, etc..) .

A million of thanks to the Interplast West Virginia team.
Lucy, the team coordinator, is copied in this email.

Noel Marie Adele

Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon