Dr. Christian Valme Returns to Haiti

Dr. Christian Valme recently returned to Haiti after spending 6 months in Nadiad, India learning percutaneous kidney stone removal from Dr. Desai (pictured with him).

Upon returning home he met his son, Raphael, who was almost 3 months old. The India opportunity was made possible by Dr. John Denstedt and the Endourological Society as well as Project Haiti. We look forward to working with Christian and helping him to be a skilled endourologist so he can help his fellow Haitians with minimally invasive kidney stone removal.


Dr. Christian Valme – India

“Dr. Christian Valme working in the “Wet Lab” and nearing the end of his 6 month fellowship in India, learning the highly specialized minimally invasive technique of “Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy”. Many Haitian patients will benefit from this procedure when Christian returns and is fully trained and equipped.”