Dr. Christian Valme – India

“Dr. Christian Valme working in the “Wet Lab” and nearing the end of his 6 month fellowship in India, learning the highly specialized minimally invasive technique of “Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy”. Many Haitian patients will benefit from this procedure when Christian returns and is fully trained and equipped.”

REPORT: Cap Haitian April 2018

Cap Haitian April 20-27, 2018

Dr Jory Desir greeted a portion of our team at the airport in Cap Haitian. Our team included Dr Joe Costa MD, Dr Henri Lanctin MD, Dr Phil Abbosh MD, Dr Chip Carnes MD (HO4), Dr Sabine Nguyen MD (HO 4), Statia Smith RN and Dr Joe Babiarz MD.  After a short lunch we traveled to the University Hospital Justinian where Dr Dube, hospital director, greeted us as well.  After a tour of the facilities and Dr Lanctin delivered the anxiously anticipated new Bovie machine and the Olympus flex cystoscope and the Stryker camera and light source.   We began an evaluation of facility needs including space in the operating theater for urology equipment to assist with efficiency as physicians are currently having to transport all equipment across the campus to the operating room on the day of cases.

Dr. Lanctin and Dr. Desir test donated equipment on arrival.

Several patients were then evaluated including some with vesicovaginal fistula and some men with urethral stricture disease.  The day ended with a dinner hosted by Dr. Desir and Dr. Dube at the LaKay.

On Day 2 our team along with our Haitian colleagues evaluated additional patients with fistulae and urethral obstruction.  Both residents and staff physicians from the US and Haiti participated in this hands on interactive session.  Preparation in the operating room occurred as well for upcoming surgeries to begin in the morning.  Patients were then jointly reviewed and the physicians created a plan for the operations to be accomplished by Haitian surgeons assisted by US surgeons.  In addition, the remainder of our team arrived.  This included Dr. Bill Cleary, Lura Spears CRNA and Kelly Joe Gabel who will assist in teaching of the anesthesia providers from Haiti.  The focus of the trip is in expanding the knowledge and skills of our Haitian colleagues in both urology and anesthesia.

On Day 3 through 6 the team assisted the Haitian urologists and anesthetists in performing complex bladder fistula repairs and complex urethral repairs not only improving patients’ quality of life but developing local team operative skills so that these repairs are available locally through native surgeons and under the anesthetic care of local providers in the future.  US resident physicians Dr Cheeps Cairnes and Dr Sabine Nguyen and Statia Smith were critical to the success of the workshop working with local operating room staff including circulating nurses, surgical techs and recovery room staff to build efficient team work.   The skills of the local providers were excellant but their outcomes and future success will depend on continued infrastructure support including equipment, facilities and operations.  The equipment delivered by Dr Lanctin was used throughout the week including the Storz endourology equipment, the Stryker Camera, the bovie machine, suture and equipment provided by Project Haiti and the flexible cystoscope. An additional future needs assessment was carried out with the assistance of local urologists, anesthesiologists, residents and administrators. 

Left:  Dr. Tellusme Jolius, a Haitian urology resident, performs a urethral repair with his attending, Dr. Desir Jory and calm US urologist Dr. Joe Costa, as residents and medical students look on.  Right: Dr. Bill Cleary teaching Haitian anesthesia students and staff. 


Top: Dr. Joe Costa delivers state of the art lecture to staff, residents and medical students. Bottom: Culmination of trip when Haitian staff urologist Dr. Desir leads Haitian resident urologist through case with Haitian anesthesia students and staff providing anesthesia as Dr. Costa looks on. 

Left: Dr. Joe Babiarz directs Haitian Urologists while performing a complex vesicovaginal fistula repair. Medical College of Georgia (IVU Med sponsored resident) Chip Carnes in background assists with teaching surgical assist/tech skills.
Right: Dr. Joe Babiarz and Dr. Jory Desir after another successful case.


Thank you e-mail to Drs. Joe Costa and Joe Babiarz

Thank you Joe and Joe,
I talked to Junelle and she is happy for the surgery.She is going to have her smile back as she was depressive after a disaster like this in her life. She has been admitted in a teaching hospital and stayed in for more than 20 hours in obstructive  labor and she lost the baby – she had nerve compression – Finally she has been referred to another hospital because there were no materials for her C section and  her Hysterectomy done because of uterine rupture.
Many thanks because what you did is priceless – May God continue to bless you all.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Best regards to you and your family Guys.
Family Practice/Obstetrique – Gynecologie
Colposcopy – Laparoscopy – Cure de Fistules VV
Cell Phones : (509) :3632 – 4324 / Contact
Home Phone : (509) :3733 – 5178
Office in P-A-P : 86 Chemin des Dalles CTM

E-mail : jjbatsch09@yahoo.fr

<To Serve,you only need a Heart full of Grace,
a Soul generated by Love > “Martin L. King Jr”

Returning to Hopital St. Francois de Sales

Dear Dr. Mondestin, Dr. Eustache, Msgrs. Chadic and Harris, Pere Roland,

Thank you for welcoming Dr. Andrew Loveitt and me back to Hopital Saint Francois de Sales, as we assisted Dr. Sylvio Augustin and your surgical team in performing laparoscopic surgery. Two patients from HUEH were able to receive the benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery on Tuesday, March 27 in your beautiful hospital. We applaud your vision, compassion and persistence in continuing the push toward laparoscopic surgery for the population.
Dr. Mondestin, it was a pleasure to meet you and review the laparoscopy donation from Project Haiti with you yesterday. I am forwarding the summary email after our first laparoscopy was performed at Hopital Saint Francois de Sales last year. Please review the Haiti Manifest so that you can see exactly the laparoscopic equipment that you now possess for your future. This will bring you up to date with the laparoscopy project. I will also forward the email chain after the donation last year for your own edification.
I am also taking notes on the existing inventory to identify future needs for disposable items and additional equipment.
In addition to providing basic laparoscopy equipment in the OR, Mike Evans from Project Haiti (the expert in telecommunications and videoconferencing) has also consulted here and reviewed the plans with IT and bio-technical. After you have completed your initial installation, we would like to connect the laparoscopic Operating Room with the classroom for teaching larger audiences, as we have been doing for many years at the Laparoscopic Training Center in Pignon.
Naturally, in order for your HSFS staff to become proficient in laparoscopic surgery, and for you to become a center of excellence, we encourage you to foster a growing relationship with our young talented general surgeon, Dr. Sylvio Jr. Augustin, that we have trained to perform safe laparoscopic surgery. It would be great to see collaborative relationships with other teaching institutions develop over the next few years.
Please do not hesitate to email me regarding any requests or consultation.
Warm regards,
Paul Severson, MD, FACS, FASMBS
President, Project Haiti, Inc.
Co-Director, Minnesota Insititute for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Director, Minnesota Reflux and Heartburn Center
Program Director, MIMIS Fellowship in Advanced GI MIS, Bariatric Surgery and Flexible Endoscopy
Clinical Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School

Summary Report for Dr. Osiris – Haitian urologist who received training

Summary Report.

Dr. OSIRIS Marc Aurele Joseph.

Fellowship in Endourology

Place: Hôpital General de Grand Yoff (HOGGY) , Dakar, Senegal

Dakar Partner: Institut de Formation et de Recherche Universitaire (IFRU) and GRAND YOFF HOSPITAL.

Haitian Partner:  Société Haïtienne d’Urologie (SHU) and Hôpital de  l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti (HUEH).

Financial Partners: International Society of Urology (SIU) and Project Haiti

Duration of Training: 3 Months

Started: July 6, 2017

Ended: September 26, 2017


Outpatient Clinic _ international meeting and Workshop (URO-DAK) _ endosurgery_ open surgery.



  • Monday : 

Morning: exploration department (cystoscopy_ urethral dilatation_ prostate biopsy_ JJ Stent training)

Afternoon: Outpatient clinic

  • Tuesday_Wednesday_Thursday_Friday: surgery/Operating Room.



(1_ first surgeon, 2_first assistant, 3_second assistant, 0_watcher)


TOTAL  | SCRUBBING (0   1   2   3)

TURP 10 | 4 (2-2-2-2)

TURV 7  | 3 (2-2-2)

URS+ LASER 8  | 6 (2-2-2-2-2-2)

URS+ SW+LASER 2 | 2 (2-2)

PCNL 2 | 1 (3)

EIU 1 | 0

POST.Ur. VALVE RESEC. 2 | 1 (2)



TOTAL: 33 | 17 (scrubbing)



TOTAL | SCRUBBING (0   1   2   3)

ADENOMECTOMY 6 | 3 (3-1-2)


TOTAL PROSTATEC. 6 | 3 (2-2-3)

HERNIA 7 | 5 (2-2-1-1-1)

URETROPLASTY 5 | 2 (2-2)



VARICOCELE 1 | 1 (1)







TOTAL: 37 | 18 Scrubbing




Mentor /Teacher: Dr. Mohamed JALLOH and the surgical STAFF.



I would like to think every personality and organization that contributed to the accomplishment of this program. This training had been very a successful experience, increasing my knowledge and my skill in the urology practice.

Endoscopic procedures are the future of the urology, and I am very determinate to help the Haitian Community by sharing my experience with the young residents.

I want to thank our partners in Dakar for all these human resources that they are providing for the International urology’s gold success.

Best Regards,

Dr. Marc Aurèle Jph. OSIRIS